Why Circuit Training Workouts Are Best For Weight Loss

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Circuit training workouts are not a new concept. Circuit training was originally invented in 1953, as a way for coaches to train many athletes in a limited amount of time with limited equipment. Nowadays, the individual exercises that make up a circuit can be physically challenging, mentally stimulating and fun. Circuit training workouts can consist of plyometric exercises, high intensity cardio drills, and compound and isolated body movements using bodyweight, dumbbells, cables, machines, exercise balls and resistance bands.

Circuit training workouts are more effective at burning a large amount of calories in a shorter amount of time than traditional weight training workouts that often focus on multiple sets of the same movement with intermittent rest periods.

Because of the higher oxygen demands of circuit training, more calories are burned post-workout than with moderate intensity exercise. This is known as post exercise oxygen consumption and can last for several hours.

One of the superior advantages of circuit training over traditional workouts is the use of “active rest”. Active rest is achieved when performing a sequence of exercises which allow a person to rest one muscle group while actively working another. For example, following a predominantly lower body movement like a squat jump with an upper body movement like a pushup is an example of active rest. This type of training is not only very time-efficient, but it also provides cardiovascular benefits and caloric expenditure comparable to running (without the repetitive motion and potential overuse injuries).

Generally, a circuit consists of a series of exercises performed back to back with none or little rest between each exercise. The number of exercises can be as little as two or as many as twenty, depending on an individual’s current as well as desired level of fitness. Many boot camps and group exercise classes now incorporate circuit training methods because of their superior caloric expenditure. However, for best results, a person’s circuit training workout routine should be tailored specifically to their individual goals, abilities and current level of fitness, taking into consideration any limitations or restrictions they may have.

When circuit training workouts are combined with a balanced diet of healthy proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates, they can be a powerful tool for accomplishing weight loss and fitness goals rapidly, with much less time spent in the gym.

For specific circuit training workouts and sound nutritional guidelines it is best to contact a health and fitness professional who can design a time-efficient, goal specific fitness and weight loss program.

Natalie Gibbins is a San Diego Personal Trainer, who’s passion for weight training and fitness began in 1989, while living in England. She was providing Personal Training in Point Loma gym for 10 years, before opening The Private Gym in Ocean Beach, where she helps people of all ages accomplish their fitness and weight loss goals.

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