The Solution To Long-Term Weight Loss is Finally Here

I am excited to offer you the opportunity to be a part of a new and revolutionary approach to long-term weight loss that has just been introduced to the US.

Momenta is a 12 week program, made up of weekly one hour sessions. Each week we explore and discuss a variety of topics, covering nutrition, psychology and activity – including the 12 key Momenta behaviors. All courses are group-based and taught in a comfortable “classroom” environment. Over the course you will be able to confidently put into practice what you learn.

The secret behind the success of this program is Momenta’s ability to provide you with the tools to discover and identify your own individual beliefs, unconscious habits and automatic behaviors. Each of the 12 sessions educate and empower you to self-monitor and self-regulate your own personal nutrition goals by introducing a new behavior using stimulating and fun activities within the group.

To utilize this program successfully, it’s important for you to understand and put into practice three key components:
Confused about whether it should be no carbs after 6pm, bread or no bread, red meat or no meat, breakfast or not? Should you count calories, eliminate certain foods completely, fast regularly, detox or live on beans, salad and soup? Most diets are overly restrictive and focus on what you can’t have or can’t do and, frankly they’re not a whole lot of fun. Momenta examines the evidence, debunks the myths and focuses on what you can do. It is absolutely possible to live a normal life, enjoy time with your friends and family and, at the same time, manage your weight in a healthy and sustainable way.
Drawn towards the smell of French fries or can’t say no to candy in the office? Find yourself eating chocolate when you’re tired and stressed or struggling to leave that bag of chips in the cupboard?
Losing weight is as much a battle of the mind as anything else. Your thoughts, motivations, feelings, relationships and everyday habits have a huge impact on your weight – and therefore your health. Momenta gives you the tools to identify and overcome your individual eating triggers.
Do you need to run a marathon or enroll in a boot camp? Should you be jogging miles, lifting weights or joining your local aerobics class? Or can you just go for a walk? Losing weight is a balance of energy in and energy out – and being active is important. Momenta clarifies the role that different kinds of exercise play, so you can invest your active time wisely.
Who is Momenta for?
Anyone who’s 18 or over and has a BMI of 25 to 40 (check yours here).

Space is limited to no more than 10 people. Contact Natalie directly at 619-223-6666 for details.

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