“The exercise programs are so time efficient! In just 45 minutes, three times a week, I was able to completely change my physique. The staff make you work hard and boy do you sweat. But you get results!”

– Stephanie

The best personal trainer in San Diego, California“Today is my birthday and the best present of all was the one I bought myself: a membership at The Private Gym. I came to you after losing my motivation to exercise for almost a year. I simply could not find a way to get inspired. However, my motivation quickly turned around subsequent to discussing my goals with you. After my first session, I was even more motivated to reach a level of fitness like I had never reached before. I really felt the workouts you developed for me were customized for my needs. The routine is both challenging and fun. And, most importantly, I never get bored. After the fourth week I was able to fit into my “skinny” pants. I haven’t worn them for months!

Having been a member for only six short weeks, I can’t believe how quickly I can see results. I can’t wait to find out what the next six weeks will have in store for me.”

– Dana G.

“When I first started working with you three months ago, my goals were to lose weight, reduce my blood pressure and reduce my stress level. You assured me that if I followed the programs that you developed for me, ALL of these goals would be achievable. You were right!

– Larry T.

The best personal trainer in San Diego, CaliforniaI recently visited my doctor and the results exceeded my expectations. I have lost 20 pounds, my blood pressure is normal (while reducing my medication), my cholesterol is the lowest it’s ever been, and I’m a much happier person. While it hasn’t always been easy, it’s always been fun. You’re the best!”

– Pat M.

“I am thrilled with the results I’ve managed to achieve so far. When I told my husband that I had been able to lose 4.6% of my body fat in only 8 weeks he could hardly believe it! But I know I couldn’t have done it without your help. You’ve given me a program that is easy to follow and you’ve kept me motivated. I so look forward to the days we work together. Thanks.”

– Anne R.

“I am so excited! My doctor’s just called with the results of my most recent physical. My cholesterol has dropped from 247 to 184 and my triglycerides have gone down from 102 to 63. I have lost over 12 pounds since I started my program with you. The new weight loss and smaller waistline helped me get back into my old clothes for my recent trip to Hawaii. Your suggestions to keep a food diary has helped me stay honest about my diet and our workout sessions keep me motivated to strive for more improvements in my health and appearance. Thank you so much for all your help.”

– Carol H.

“Great hands-on personal training at a FRACTION of the cost of other gyms. Everyone is super friendly and supportive of each other.”

– Jen S.

“Personal training can be affordable and is at The Private Gym. The trainers are outstanding.”

– Jan C.

“I was so impressed by the results of my first program that making a long-term commitment to The Private Gym was an easy decision. It’s been worth every penny.”

– Jim H.

“The Private Gym is the first gym that I have actually enjoyed belonging to! The routines kick my butt and I am enjoying serious results! The staff, the atmosphere and the low-key clientele are major perks. This is the best gym in San Diego!

– Lisa P.

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