Natalie Gibbins’ Bio

Natalie Gibbins - San Diego Personal Trainer

My passion for weight training and fitness began 25 years ago while I was still living in England. My love for exercise, more specifically weight training, prompted me to become a Certified Personal Trainer in November of ’97. Since then I’ve spent countless hours improving my knowledge and experience. In 1999 I completed a six week course in anatomy which really took mine and my clients’ programs to a new level, saving us time in the gym and with better results. I hold all kinds of certifications in many aspects of fitness.

In the past I’ve taught Cardio Kickboxing at a local Martial Arts Studio, trained with Billy Blanks at his studio learning the art of Taebo and worked intensively with a Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor for 18 months. The Private Gym has heavy bags, gloves and training mitts that I use to incorporate kickboxing into my clients’ routines. Kickboxing is really fun and burns a ton of calories!

My continuing education has taught me how to work with clients who suffer from arthritis, high blood pressure and other common ailments. I personally worked with an  elderly gentleman suffering from Parkinson’s Disease and was able to improve his co-ordination and enjoyment of life dramatically. I have introduced athletic training and functional training into my clients’ workout routines, with great success. I have lots of experience working with clients who suffer from joint issues and can create varied and interesting routines for clients with most restrictions. I am comfortable working with post physical therapy clients and am able to assist in continuing their rehabilitation. My thirst for knowledge has recently led me to learn more about corrective exercise for better posture and balance as well as long-term injury prevention and I’m currently practicing Yoga inspired movements which help improve strength, posture, flexibility and circulation.

My passion for weight training has helped me in my ability help to create exercise programs that are not only goal-specific, but more importantly extremely time-efficient and mentally stimulating too. My clients tell me I have a great eye for tweaking their form during movements to really isolate muscles to enhance and accelerate their results.  You don’t need to spend hours in the gym to get great results!

I love what being healthy has done for my self-confidence, vitality and attitude and it thrills me to have the opportunity to pass those gifts on to the people who use my gym. I have always believed that exercise is one of the best preventative medicines that anyone can use. I have seen with my own eyes how people have responded positively and quickly to just small amounts of regular, specific exercise and I feel extremely grateful that I have been fortunate to help hundreds of people improve their health and vitality by making exercise and better nutrition more of a priority in their lives. I’ve seen people’s fitness levels improve dramatically in just a few weeks and heard from them how their quality of life and the way they feel has improved greatly, just by engaging in consistent strength training, cardiovascular exercise and stretching, designed by me with their specific goals and schedule in mind.

No matter how old or out of shape you think you are, it’s never too late to start working out. You will be thrilled and excited by the increase in your energy levels, the changes in how your body looks and feels and the lift in your mood and spirits as your stress levels diminish, with just a few minutes a day of exercise with me at my fitness studio.

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