San Diego Personal Trainer

If you want the benefits of having a professional San Diego Personal Trainer helping you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals for a fraction of the cost of traditional San Diego Personal Training, choose San Diego’s The Private Gym.

Just minutes from Point Loma in Ocean Beach, San Diego, The Private Gym’s unique semi-private personal training method eliminates the need for costly private appointments, while still maintaining the individual and personalized nature of goal specific private personal training.

San Diego Personal Trainer

As a member at The Private Gym you’ll get your very own customized workout routines, tailored specifically to your individual goals and schedule. Owner Natalie Gibbins, a Certified San Diego Personal Trainer since 1997, incorporates a wide range of highly successful training methods, including resistance training, bodyweight training, plyometrics, yoga inspired moves and kickboxing, which she puts together in a specific sequence. This enables you to reach your goals rapidly, with less time spent in the gym. You can get an intense and very effective workout in less than an hour.

Find out how you can receive quality Personal Training in San Diego for as little as $11 a day by calling Natalie today at 619-223-6666.

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